Toiba (Yiddish dove) performed in Thessaloniki, Greece

Exis trio, at Vafopoulio Theater



The Traveler (July 2016), electronic music

Circus artist: Annika Hemmerling, trapeze



Peripeteia (2015) is a short exploratory trip into the intrinsic world of Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Performed by: Alvaro Hernandez Vela, base clarinet




Blind Date project is a collaboration between composers and dancers from Rotterdam Conservatory and Rotterdam Dance Academy. In only 10 days the whole concept, try-outs and performance took place.
Date: 5.11.2015
Location: Rotterdam Theaterzaal, Kruisplein





This film noir was made in Rotterdam, at Willem de Kooning Academy during October 2015, and directed by talented Annigje Peters.
Music is composed for violin, piano and vibraphone and afterwards adjusted electronically. All the acoustic instruments named above are rich in extended techniques and are used most prominently for their subtle color.
Thanks go to sound designers: J.Constantino and I.Liberis.




Title: From boulevards (2015), cello duo

performed by: Maria Quevedo, Jose Marques

This composition is based on natural harmonics. In order to expose the richness of that color and the opened strings in more independent pitch material, both instruments are using scordatura.
From boulevards presents one of the first pieces of composer’s spectral style.




Title: Echoes (2015), electronic music

Echoes was composed for the graduation of an upraising artist Mizai Kobi at the Circus department of Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam.
This electronic piece is reflecting inner voices and rememberings that Mizai presents in her art. It is an echoing process of maturation that has been derived from all her development for this occasion. Especially interesting in this collaboration was the process of making circus art and music together, and how each form followed the other one till the final result.




Title: Narraciones (2012), for sextet

Performance during the concert In the Spanish gardens commissioned by Music Trek Ensemble from Zagreb.

This is a piece in the concert idea of Spanish culture and themes based upon it. Narraciones presents a short trip to whole-tone scale with its characteristic build-up and ending. Narraciones is a Spanish word for story-telling which gives a hint of composer being busy with psycholinguistics and how it affects music.