Creativity- empowering tools for an innovation based culture

How can universities and working places stimulate their students and staff to unleash all of their innovation? How does it feel to develop dozens of idea every week? How easy it is to achieve that level of effectiveness?

Where is our creativity stored? And our feelings?

Why is it so important to understand the process of creativity and how to find the empowerment for a stabile society?

As a result of collaboration between WILDe Theater, Erasmus University and EUCSA, Erasmus University College- we bring you an unique experience with music


  1. understanding functionality in classical music- play your music after hearing it just once! (duration 45′)
  2. musical intermezzo- from classical till pop (duration 20′)
  3. sound gamification (duration 60′)

#leadership #creativity #innovation #classical music #gamification #soundinnovation #workintelligence #imagination #health #empowerment #kitchencutlery #mouthharmonica

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