City interventions XL- “I’ve Got a Number For Ya!”

During the course of Christmas holidays numerous piano performances have been taking place in Rotterdam, Den Haag and surroundings. The goal of these interventions is to bring music in intimate settings for those who need it the most.

In the previous decades that might’ve meant underprivileged or homeless, yet in our modern society it means: people who are suffering from burnouts (10% of the local workforce), those living alone, people with poor or no family connections, depressed (18.7% of the grown ups), and so on.

The project started in 2017 when an individual (the audience) needed to wind down after a bigger meeting, or any other professional or personal challenge. At the spot, he or she was given a tailor made piano arrangement that resonated deeply with the person. The feedback was- the best Christmas present ever!!

What describes this project the best is- simplicity- and it can be comprehended as criticism towards the modern art industry. This simplistic idea ranges from: minimising the production process, using non-concert settings, intentionally skipping on loud & non-ecological promotion, all the way until crafting the piano arrangements. Its deliberate limitations per each piece challenge in the most artistic way either dynamic levels, piano registers, polyphonic processes or even the number of the pitches used. Nevertheless, these performances take care to bring the listeners back into their own shoes per each composition played.

Entrance: free

Location: nonprofits, retirement homes, refugee centers, hospitals, libraries, schools, central stations & private homes

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